What we believe makes a difference

August 16, 2015

For some reason (I don’t know the reason) I was awake a 2 AM this morning. As I lay in bed half asleep, something I had read and memorized many years ago came strongly to my mind. I recited it over and over thinking about what it says and the deep, biblical meaning in each phrase. I decided I would give it to you today, a gift of truth that can guide and change your life too.

It was written by H.C.G. Moule, a New Testament Greek scholar and Anglican Church Bishop who lived at the beginning of the 20th century. In his “Morning Act of Faith” he captured important truth from God’s Word.

A Morning Act of Faith

I believe on the Son of God, therefore I am in Him,

having redemption through HIs blood and life by His Spirit.

HE IS IN ME and all fullness is in Him.

To Him I belong by

creation, purchase, conquest, and self-surrender.

To me He belongs for all my hourly need.

There is no cloud between my Lord and me.

There is no difficulty inward or outward which He is not
ready to meet in me today.

I believe I have received not the spirit of fearfulness,

but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

The Lord is my keeper.

It is so important that truth should guide our thinking and our choices. This must not be a “personal or individual truth” but truth from God. Truth that will be a “lamp to our feet and a light to our path” (see Psalm 119). Truth that will keep us on the right path when many around us are walking the wrong path (see II Tim 3). Truth that will calibrate our conscience and teach us right from wrong (see Exodus 20). Truth that will set us free. Free from the guilt and burden of our sin and free to serve and glorify our Creator (see John 8).

Here is a suggestion that I give you from my own years of wanting to follow Jesus… take these words from the Handley Moule and memorize them. Speak them to yourself as you begin a day. Let each powerful, biblical idea impact your life that day for God’s glory. And, it is a great summary of truth to think about at night when sleep seems to be just beyond your grasp.

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