Denominational Alphabet Soup

September 13, 2015

Every group has its own “inside” lingo. That is to say, all groups talk about things in a kind of linguistic shorthand. We talk of the US (United States) and the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). More locally we refer to the F-M RedHawks (Fargo-Moorhead) and NDSU (North Dakota State University).

Church groups do that too. Our church belongs to the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention), the DBC (Dakota Baptist Convention), and SVBA (South Valley Baptist Association). Within the SBC we have two national boards that lead out in missions and evangelism; NAMB (the North American Mission Board) and IMB (the International Mission Board).

The alphabet soup gets even more complicated when we refer to annual offerings taken to support these important mission boards and outreaches. Sometime in early spring, churches are encouraged to promote and receive the AAEO for NAMB (Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for the North American Mission Board). This offering supports church planting and ministry across North America (including staff, church planters, and ministries in our DBC (Dakota Baptist Convention). Then around Christmas, SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) churches are encouraged to promote the LMCO for IMB (Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for the International Mission Board). Here the money is used to support international missions and missionaries around the world.

If you are quite observant (or familiar with SBC traditions) you will note that there is one other annual offering. This is a special offering for the ministry of each local state convention (in our case, the DBC – Dakota Baptist Convention). Usually received in September, this offering funds ministries that are more local. This offering for the DBC is the Baker State Mission Offering (BSMO).   (See today’s bulletin insert for more details about the Baker State Missions Offering and how it is used across the Dakotas.)

It has been the tradition of SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) churches to promote prayer for these ministries as well as the offerings. This is also true for our DBC (Dakota Baptist Convention) BSMO (Baker State Missions Offering). So, along with an opportunity to give to the BSMO, you are encouraged to pick up a prayer guide (at the bulletin table). The prayer guide will make DBC ministry more personal. (The date for the Week of Prayer for the BSMO was Sept. 6-13, but it can be used anytime.)

Pick up a copy of the prayer guide, pray for DBC (Dakota Baptist Convention) ministries and ask the Lord what He wants you to give to the BSMO (Baker State Missions Offering). And, along the way, we will try to keep the “alphabet soup” of insider talk to a minimum and God’s Kingdom talk to the maximum.

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