Feedback from YOU

Although blogging and comments are “old hat” to most who frequent the web, it is new for us.  So….here’s your chance to give us some feedback.  Just leave a comment here and you can be sure we will read it.

Thanks for your time as you learned more about our church by browsing our site.

Pastor Dude Garrett

One thought on “Feedback from YOU

  1. I hope to worship with you on 12/14/14 when I am in Fargo just for the weekend.
    I am the ministry leader at Crossroads Mission in Yuma, AZ. I will be transporting 3 grand children back to Yuma, as I do once each year to spend 6 months with their mother and us.
    I look forward to meeting you. I was a So. Baptist pastor for 36 years
    before my current ministry opportunity.
    Looking to Christ,

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